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The House of Hottinger

Since the eighteenth century, the Hottinger family has been a modernising force – developing trading links, banking and capital markets in Europe and the New World.

Today, various parts of the group continue to be involved in banking and finance across the continents. Family members take leading roles alongside seasoned professionals from varied backgrounds, selected for their probity and dedication to their clients.

It is this international scope, breadth of experience and integrity which ultimately lies at the heart of our offering and helps us weigh opportunities against the risks inherent in volatile developed capital markets.

However large we grow, however many offices we open, you can be sure that we will always stay true to the character of the original Baron, Jean-Conrad Hottinger (1764-1841) who was described in the press as “a gentleman of considerable credit and reputation”.

We are proud to have been named ‘Family Office of the Year’ in 2017, 2019 and 2020.*

*City of London Wealth Management Awards