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Hottinger Group is an international wealth management company, providing objective and robustly independent advice. Over time we develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the circumstances, complications and arrangements of each family. This is key to delivering bespoke professional and investment advice which complies with individual aspirations, the broader regulations and which will stand the test of time.

We protect the interests of our clients and provide them with a professional environment to share experiences, ideas and opportunities with like-minded people.


Hottinger Group combines the strengths of several founding families and our key executives into a single, cohesive team with shared infrastructure, aligned commercial interests and legacy aspirations.

This aligned approach offers a broader view of opportunities and forges strong relationships between our families, providing for more intimate and personal approaches to non-traditional investment. Trust develops more naturally, which can then lead to deeper discussions…

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Our governance structure is robust and frequently tested to ensure regulatory compliance. We have a number of management committees covering the main areas of risk in the business. In addition to our monthly investment committee we also hold regular meetings for the Board, Management Committee, Finance & Risk, Data Protection and Culture & Responsibility.

Our regulated businesses are scrutinised on an ongoing basis by external…

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At Hottinger, we embrace the traditions of loyalty and ethics laid down by the Hottinger family, a historic European banking dynasty spanning eight generations. Our advisors focus on the key issues that our families define as important as they pass wealth, businesses and other assets from one generation to the next.

As a responsible entity, Hottinger Group also recognises, defines and measures its impacts on our stakeholders (see below). We have created a suite of activities which address…

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The History of Hottinger

Since the eighteenth century, the Hottinger family has been a modernising force – developing trading links, banking and capital markets in Europe and the New World.

Today, various parts of the group continue to be involved in banking and finance across the continents. Family members take leading roles alongside seasoned professionals from varied backgrounds, selected for their probity and dedication to their clients.

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