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Artist of the Week: Xenia Busalova

By Melanie Damani, Hottinger Art

Xenia Busalova, born in 1979 in USSR, lives and works in London and graduated from the Royal College of Arts.

One day – One match, 2018-2019, Xenia Busalova (b. 1979), courtesy of the artist (2019).

Every night, when the day is gone, she makes one matchstick from porcelain. Those matchsticks appear ceaselessly, one a day, composing the linear sequence of passage of time.

These simple objects, divested of their function and abstracted from any practicality, take on a strictly subjective concept.

The fundamental venture of this collection is to translate real yet intangible time into the tangible form of archiving. It is about the claustrophobia of time that deprives us of the most fleeting pleasures of momentum. A million years back, a million years ahead – between the two the space where we all are: here and now, at every moment and in every place.

Xenia Busalova (b. 1979), courtesy of the artist (2019).

The artist states: “I objectify time as a substance – the only irreplaceable commodity, not renewable and thus the most valuable. Through this work I aim to grasp the pure conjunction of passing time and expose the intangible time in an absolute tangible presence. This is my daily ritual and my commitment to measure passing time, to represent the irreversibility of time in physical matter, signalled in each day lived. It is in human nature to be happy only under awareness of mortality. Every day is closer to the last, and the importance of almost everything; fears, failures, expectations, falls away in the face of finitude, leaving only what is truly important.”

One day – One matche, 2019, Xenia Busalova (b. 1979), courtesy of the artist (2019).

“One day – One match” is currently presented in the parallel programme of the 8th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art at the Peschanaya Gallery (галерея На Песчаной) @psch_gallery, 23/7 Novopeschanaya Street, Moscow from 22 December 2019 to 22 January 2020.

You are cordially invited to meet the artist and see Xenia’s work at her studio in Soho, 49-50 Poland Street, W1F 7ND, London.

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