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Artist of the Week: Andrew Pierre Hart

By Melanie Damani, Hottinger Art

Secret blue paintings and other documents, 2019, Andrew Pierre Hart, 5 x painting, sound seat, hand built speakers, text, hand-built speakers. Courtesy of the artist, 2020.

Andrew Pierre Hart is an inter-disciplinary artist based in London.

The main focus of Hart’s work is the symbiotic relationship between sound and painting, an ongoing rhythmic research and play of improvised and spontaneous generative processes using various mediums: sound, video, performance, movement, collaboration, found object and image, language, photography and installation.

Electric dance floor, 2017, oil on canvas, and artist Andrew Pierre Hart. Courtesy of the artist, 2020.

Hart was born and lives in London. He holds a BA from Chelsea College of Art and recently received a MA in painting from the Royal College of Art. He was also a winner of the Tiffany and Co x Outset studio prize 19/20. He has recently been invited to take part in the PLOP Residency run by Oli Epp and Aindrea Emelife. He regularly exhibits in London and his works are already in many private and institutional collections worldwide, including UAL, Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix gallery, Frontier Economics and Hogan Lovells.

Sonic ordering featuring Kanika, screen short of video, 3′ 50”, 2019, Tiffany and Co x Outset prize winning work, Andrew Pierre Hart. Courtesy of the artist, 2020.

Hart straddles various mediums to interrogate his ideas, resulting in non-standard, challenging and playful outcomes.

Hart says: “Anything can be a painting, it depends on how you look at it.”

By using painting and sound, through the notions of cross-modality, reconstructing languages and idea generation, Hart’s practice resonates ad infinitum: an improvisation of improvisation. All of this is translated through the action of play and experimentation; a new wave of expanded painting.

Work in progress called work in progress (part of the wider installation It happened in a Blues Dance/Inversions in Bass), 2017, Andrew Pierre Hart. Photo credit: Zsuzsa Benke, 2017.

Hart’s work explores the overlap of the senses. The background sounds of the everyday usually go unnoticed until pointed out, but these subtleties become very apparent once highlighted – much like an individual mark in a painting, which is so important but also often unnoticed.

Hart’s working process is improvised and music-led, and the resulting works are predominantly blue. Hart says: “The dark hues of blue slowly unfold if you spend time with the work and allow it to breathe. The hues put one in a space and place where the senses are more relaxed and open; at night is when the magic happens.”

Hart will be showing and performing “i-phone was invented before the candle” a theater-based exhibition on 17th and18th January 2020 at the Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, 1 Hester Road, SW11 4AN. He is also co-curating an exhibition from 5th-8th February 2020 at ​​​the Hoxton Art Project Space, 253 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG. His next solo show is planned for May 2020. For more information, follow the artist on Instagram @hart.art9 or visit check his website.

Generalised Usage Tempo, 2019, no 2 in the series, oil on canvas, Andrew Pierre Hart. Courtesy of the artist, 2020.

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