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Hottinger Group combines the strengths of several founding families and our key executives into a single, cohesive team with shared infrastructure, aligned commercial interests and legacy aspirations. This aligned approach offers a broader view of opportunities and forges strong relationships between our families, providing for more intimate and personal approaches to non-traditional investment. Trust develops more naturally, which can then lead to deeper discussions on topics such as philanthropy, collectables and other passions.

We have assembled a global team with a diverse, yet complementary, set of skills and experiences. This means we are ready to take on strategic, legal and jurisdictional challenges that competitors would have to refer to third party providers, adding another layer of costs.

Hottinger leverages the newest technologies to digest and deliver information more succinctly, swiftly and securely than ever before. This allows us to invest more time with clients, listening and helping them navigate both the challenges and opportunities found in business, finance and family life. Our structure is uniquely placed to provide modern, contemporary family office services to qualifying clients and to make complex problems simple.


Develop our employees
and reward them fairly

Acknowledge excellence
and achievement

Provide a workplace of stability
and continuity

Recognise our business partners
as a key to our success


Focus on thought leadership

Provide best in class services

Leverage cutting edge technologies


Operate with integrity and probity

Never conduct business that disadvantages our clients

Place sustainability
at the core of operations