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Our Approach

Traditionally, wealth managers maintained significant separation between executives, owners and clients. To harness the changing demands of the modern multi-family private office, we favour a different approach, the early nineteenth century model. This was a time when great fortunes were amassed in rail, oil and land by industrialist families such as the Gettys and the Vanderbilts, often working collaboratively. Hottinger combines the Founding Families and Executive into a single, cohesive team with shared Office infrastructure and aligned commercial and ‘legacy’ interests.

As fellow owners, the ‘aligned’ approach offers a broader view of opportunities which can forge stronger relationships between our families. This close working relationship often opens the door to more intimate and personal approaches to non-traditional investment. Trust tends to develop more naturally, which can then lead to deeper discussions such as philanthropy, collectibles and other passions.

We have assembled a diverse, yet complementary, set of skills and experiences amongst our global team of around 50 staff, and supported that with an integrated suite of banking and private client offerings, we are ready to take on projects which present strategic, legal and jurisdictional challenges that conventional approaches would have to refer to third parties.

“The team at Hottinger are delighted to embrace the newest technology to provide information more succinctly, swiftly and securely than ever before but, more importantly, to focus on investing time with clients, listening and helping them navigate both the challenges and opportunities found in business, finance and family life. The new Hottinger structure is uniquely placed to provide a world class contemporary family office service to qualifying clients and and to make complex problems simple.”

– Mark Robertson, Group CEO.