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Our governance structure is robust and frequently tested to ensure regulatory compliance. We have a number of management committees covering the main areas of risk in the business. In addition to our monthly investment committee we also hold regular meetings for the Board, Management Committee, Finance & Risk, Data Protection and Culture & Responsibility.

Our regulated businesses are scrutinised on an ongoing basis by external compliance consultants for adherence to the latest, and ever changing applicable Laws and Regulations.. All clients are rigorously vetted using the latest ‘Know Your Customer’ global searches. Employee backgrounds are similarly analysed to ensure our team can deliver on our exacting standards of fiduciary duty and ethics.

We take data protection extremely seriously and have an officer appointed to monitor the constantly tightening rules on transmission and storage of data according to applicable data protection Laws and Regulations.

Group Compliance Officer: Tim Sharp

Money Laundering Reporting Officer: Mark Robertson

Culture & Responsibility Officer: Pádraic Ó Giolláin