#TeamHottinger profile: Bryleigh Flack

Name: Bryleigh Flack

Role at Hottinger: Executive Assistant & Office Manager

About my role: I am Executive Assistant to Mark Robertson and Ally Hunter and I manage the London office. My role is vast and includes a lot of things – to be honest I get involved in most of what’s happening in the business! I provide administrative support to our client-facing business areas as needed, particularly Hottinger Capital Partners.

Career & education so far: My career started at Quest Professional, a finishing school and business college that trains students for the working world. My final diploma covered topics such as Leadership and Management, Finance, Shorthand and Developing Business Plans.

After graduating, I went straight into working for a medium-sized accountancy firm in the West End, working in an administrative capacity. To begin, I worked in the Music and Entertainment team. I then transitioned into a PA role working for the Tax Partner and the wider Tax Team. All in all, I worked there for 3 years.

Favourite thing about your role: Having the opportunity to get involved in a really broad range of tasks. I never do the same thing day-to-day! I work with everyone in the business, so I get to know all of the different areas.

Working from home tip: Don’t sit at your desk for too long, take regular breaks. I try to meditate once a day and use technology to keep interacting with colleagues as much as I would in the office. Don’t lose touch with the outside world even if we’re stuck inside.

Proudest achievement: Deciding to enrol in a self-taught degree. I was debating it for ages and I’m so pleased I went for it. It’s going really well and I’m looking forward to graduating next year.

Best place you’ve ever travelled: South Africa, because I love the culture and all of my family live there so it’s great to see them when I go.

Favourite book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Favourite TV show: Black Mirror.

What you like to do in your spare time: Most importantly I like to spend time with my family. Aside from this, a lot of my spare time is spent studying for my degree, obviously. I’m a massive foodie so I am always eating out, and I love to travel. Last year I went to Amsterdam, New York, St. Lucia and South Africa!