Liza Shashenkova Operations & Marketing Manager, Hottinger & Co. Limited

Liza joined Hottinger in 2021 and is responsible for the office management as well as all marketing and communications. She is the pioneer behind Hottinger’s recent rebranding and is currently working towards expanding the digital footprint whilst retaining the firm’s commitment to its long-standing heritage.

Liza graduated from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and has worked in multiple locations across the globe. She started her career as a PA to an UHNWI in Monaco and was introduced to the world of PR and communications via Property4East Luxembourg where she worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, she was the co-founder of a shoe brand at the age of 25 and had co-organised multiple events including a fundraising gala and a series of ladies luncheons in collaboration with Monaco Restaurant Group.

Before joining Hottinger, Liza had worked as a Marketing specialist for multiple tech start-ups including and crowdfunding platform, Shojin Property Partners. She was extremely committed to her role as a Chief Editor of Boutique London Magazine, helping the digital publication expand its subscriber base in emerging markets.

Outside the office Liza enjoys painting and ashtanga yoga. She is also a devoted book worm and an adventurer, opting to back pack in exotic locations.

4 Carlton Gardens,
St. James's,