We believe it is paramount that a family has discussed and agreed the long term objectives for investing their money. Our remit is to work with our families to produce a reviewable, comprehensive multi-generational family investment charter.

A family should establish a benchmark based on their entire wealth, therefore different to those proposed by Private Banks based on public market indices.

Our endowment style approach aligns well with the needs of a family over the long term. It is important that, wherever possible, the charter is understood by all involved therefore we encourage multi-generational participation.


Once the objectives of the family have been agreed a private investment committee will work with the family to agree an overarching investment strategy for meeting long term investment objectives.

All asset classes are considered and any investment preferences or objections incorporated. This may be broken down into sub-strategies to meet bespoke priorities within the family’s main objectives.

The Family’s private investment committee will be on hand at all times to review the agreed strategy against the internal chosen benchmark as well as deliver periodic updates on the potential impact of an ever changing macro economic environment.


Once the family has agreed with our advice on the strategy(s), we will look to allocate and deploy their capital. We work with only the top investment management and global asset managers.

Our role once deploying our family’s capital is to review performance against client objectives, to understand and often translate the decision making of the investment teams and act as the family’s main point of contact with all selected managers.

Hottinger are unfettered by geography or provider. We have strong relationships across the banking and asset management sector in locations including, New York, London, Geneva, Zurich, Luxembourg and the Channel Islands.


The importance of fully reconciled and  independently audited aggregated portfolio reporting goes beyond just the data.

Bespoke periodic analysis of the individual managers performance and measurement against the stated objectives of the family is where strategically vital decisions can be made. It is the importance of this constant review that is the value add for our clients.

As a family office we have a broader asset class understanding through our teams experience and varied backgrounds. This ensures a much deeper conversation when analysing the aggregated wealth position.